My wife, Susan, had an idea to do a picture scavenger hunt. She wrote up a list of things to find and take pictures of, and then invited a whole bunch of people to go downtown and play.

Not too many people could come to this one, so we're planning another one in a month or two. The people that did come were Josh Harding, Eric "Rico" Baxter, and Cathe "Kat" Hoerthe, and of course Susan and I and our two children (Abigail and Danny). We took the Metra into the city and then walked around downtown and the lakefront, looking for the things on our list (It was only one team, cuz the other guys forgot their camera). We had a great time, and got a lot of the things on our list. Because this was a digital camera scavenger hunt, we have the results available for your viewing pleasure.

Here's the list: (if it isn't a link, we didn't find it)
Hair a color God never intended
An evening gown (extra points is a member of your team is wearing it)
A squirrel
A tree over two stories tall
A member of your team in a tree over two stories tall
A gang of bikers (at least two)
A picnic
A yellow Volkswagon Beetle
An occupied Port-a-Pottie
Someone wearing neon
A building with ivy on it
Grey Poupon