You have reached what should be the permanent home of Daniel Hildebrandt, Sr. on the internet. I have an amazing amount of things that demand attention, and unfortunately, this web site is not on the short list. I will attempt, however, to update this site as I have time.
2002.04.24 - We got back recently from a trip around the Southwest. We had a lot of fun -- read about it here.
2002.02.02 - Well, I finally decided it was time to make some updates... Since I last updated this page, we've moved from the suburbs of Chicago back to where we grew up (North Orange County, CA, USA). We decided that we wanted our children to be able to spend more time with their extended family, so we bought a house in Yorba Linda, right in the middle of most of the family. We've since had another baby (Isaac James), and are currently contemplating adding about 50% onto the size of our house. Hopefully, I'll spend some more time on this in the near future, and get some pages up for the children and do a better layout/design for this page. --Hildy
We went on a scavenger hunt with some friends in downtown Chicago.